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Micro 2 Microcurrent Stimulator Unit

Micro 2 Microcurrent Stimulator Unit
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Micro II Microcurrent Stimulation Unit

The Micro 2 micro current stimulator produces a very slight, "Micro", stimulation. This micro stimulation has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of problems. The Micro 2 is primarily used for pain management, but is often used in delayed wound healing, non-union fractures, and a number of other disorders.


MICRO II: Microcurrent Output

Dual Channel Microcurrent

Wave Form: Modified Square D.C. Bi-Phasic Pulses of .3Hz, 8Hz, and 80Hz Changing Polarity at Intervals of 3 Seconds

Treatment Timer: Constant, 20 Minutes, 40 Minutes

1 year Warranty

System Includes: Microcurrent Stimulator, Lead Wires, 4 Self-Stick Disposable Electrodes, 9V Battery, Hard Plastic Carrying Case, and Instruction Booklet.


Microcurrent stimulation treatment is one most exciting and most underestimated of all forms of electrotherapy.

Microcurrent works by stimulating your body's natural healing mechanisms and can be used to treat a very wide range of conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, wounds, broken or fractured bones, ulcers - in fact any condition involving damaged tissue or bone.

Microcurrent does this by sending an extremely small and precise electrical current (measured in millionths of an amp (microamps)) into the cells of the body. This electrical impulse is designed to replicate (and boost) an impulse generated naturally within all human cells. It has an immediate effect of increasing the production of ATP (energy) within the cells. This in turn dramatically increases the tissues rate of healing.

Microcurrent therapy actually encourages your body to heal and at a much faster rate than otherwise would have happened.

The exact effects or changes in the tissue are unmistakable; scars will often suddenly soften; trigger points often become less painful within minutes when the "correct" frequency is applied. In many situations the changes are long lasting and in many cases permanent.

Microcurrent has been shown to give very effective pain relief. In patient surveys over 90% of patients reported significant improvement.

The very nature of microcurrent dictates that in most situations it cannot act quickly. By comparison a TENS machine, if its going to work for you and you're using it correctly, will demonstrate its ability within just 2 or 3 minutes. Microcurrent can take several weeks to reach its peak depending upon the speed at which your body can react to it's stimulation. Patience, therefore, is essential. The results are well worth waiting for.

There is one way in which Microcurrent can perform extremely quickly: It is ACE at mobilizing fluid, reducing swelling and inflammation. Depending upon your condition this can indirectly reduce pain levels very quickly, much more so than any other form of electrotherapy.

Microcurrent is completely safe and without unwanted side effects. It can be used alongside and form of medication and or any other form of electrotherapy.

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Micro 2 Microcurrent Stimulator Unit