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Pronex II Pneumatic Cervical Traction Unit

Pronex II Pneumatic Cervical Traction Unit
Item Number:GLA103-MLK

Pronex II is the latest model that has the same features as the Pronex, except for the blue foam cushions that rest on the shoulders. The Pronex™ II was designed for people with shorter necks and for those who experience severe pain in their shoulders.

The Pronex Cervical Traction has a unique design that provides anatomically correct traction supports the natural curve of the cervical spine and provides an even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs. It does not aggravate the temporomandibular joint.

It's User friendly and without restraints. Portable, comfortable and convenient. No assembly, no weights, no cables, no springs or levers. It's restraint free. Encourages regular use by the patient at home, helping to break the chronic pain cycle.

Design advantages
Comfortably supports head and neck
Exerts force evenly and gently
No pressure on the TM joint
Supports normal curvature of cervical spine
Gentle traction release
Light and simple enough to use while traveling
Weight 5 lbs
Encourages a high rate of patient compliance

Proof of effectiveness
Professionally conducted surveys prove that Pronex™ relieves pain, promotes the healing process, and helps patients resume normal work and social activities. (A survey of more than 300 Pronex™ users revealed the product's effectiveness in relieving chronic cervical pain.)

How Pronex™ and Pronex™ II work

Pronex™ cradles the reclining patient's head and neck on two soft foam cushions. One cushion supports the occiput and the other rests against the upper trapezius. An air-inflated bellows between them is capable of providing up to 35 lbs of continuously adjustable traction. Pronex™ II cradles the reclining patients head and neck on one soft foam cushion that supports the occiput. An air-inflated bellows rests against the upper trapezius. As the bellows expands one the Pronex™ and Pronex™ II , it lifts the head upward supporting the cervical curve and maintaining an even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs. Patients have total control over the amount of traction applied. Squeezing an inflator bulb increases the pressure, a release knob gently reduces it. There's no strain on the temporomandibular joint.

Pays for Itself

Reduces pharmacy bills, minimizes lost workdays, and often eliminates the need for ongoing office visits and physical therapy. Patient manages pain control at home.

Pronex™ is the only traction device that creates an even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs while supporting the cervical curve.

Notice: This product contains latex materials.

Figure 1: Pronex II and Figure 2: Pronex
Pronex: The light weight, pneumatic device that has revolutionized the home cervical traction therapy!

Research study proves it: Pronex Produce Positive Outcomes

A summary of outcome survey information...
An independent research firm interviewed 304 randomly selected patients with chronic neck- pain who had been using Pronex™ for an average of seven months each (1). These were the results:

Patient Satisfaction
84% of the patients rated Pronex™ "Good to Excellent" for an overall rating. Comfort and ease of use are key advantages of Pronex™ therapy.

Pain relief and ease of use promote compliance
88% of patients rated Pronex™ "Good to Excellent" for the ability to achieve desired amount of traction. 91% of patients rated Pronex™ "Good to Excellent" for ease and convenience of use. Pronex™ excels by utilizing a lightweight, user friendly design that encourages patient compliance and a way out of the chronic pain cycle.

Return to work
72% of the patients reported a reduction in pain interference, enabling them to resume normal activities, including returning to work.

76% of patients reported a reduction of pain interference with daily activities.

Reduce pain medication
59% of patients originally on pain medication reduced or eliminated its use. Reducing pain medication improves the patient's quality of life and saves money.

The A&A Research patient satisfaction survey and several papers from the medical literature (1) confirm that Pronex™ therapy is highly effective for managing cervical pain. It helps minimize lost workdays, speeds the rehabilitation process, and helps restore confidence and self-esteem. It often pays for itself by reducing pharmacy bills and eliminating the need for long-term physical therapy. Over 80% of patients continue to use Pronex™ regularly to maintain cervical stability.

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Pronex II Pneumatic Cervical Traction Unit